Work permit


I am in Denmark at the moment to work my way into my new job at corporate head office. The company I will work for in Asia is well-known to me, since I wrote my Master thesis about their implementation process of a new Business Intelligence System in Thailand. Now I am very happy to be back helping them in regards to Data Management and Business Intelligence.

Last week I received my work permit/ business visa to work in Thailand. It was quite a long process to receive it, because my employer has to exactly explain why they need a foreigner for a specific job. Thailand is very strict with foreigners working in their country to protect their own domestic economy. But luckily everything worked out fine.

Next I have to sign the contract for my Ph.D. contract with the university. Hopefully this is done in a few weeks to be an official Ph.D. student and to have access to the online library to study academic papers etc..

At this weekend I have signed in into Instagram: I am not sure how much I will use it, but I like the options to edit pictures there. Additionally I have bought some things for my trip to Thailand. Especially a new camera, which is much better than the one I have since 2011. More about this next week.

Next thursday I will fly to Bangkok, move in my nice-looking apartment and meet former colleagues and friends. I am very happy about being back in South-east asia, since this was always a long-term goal of mine and I am feeling very lucky to finally found the right employer to achieve this goal. Although this sounds obvious, I strongly believe in the imperative of defining challenging but achievable goals in life to become a happy person, whatever those goals might be.

In this sense I wish you all a great start into the next week. 🙂


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